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Warning for Barrie Landlords

May 5th, 2013 · 4 Comments · Barrie Landlords Help and Advice

May 5th, 2013

Barrie Ontario Landlords Warning

This is a story from the Barrie Examiner last summer.

Landlords Left in a Lurch

It was also on the Ontario Landlords Association website.

Barrie Landlord Wants to Warn Others

We feels it offers such important and educational information we are going to post it here.

Let’s hear it from the landlord’s own voice:

This is a huge matter our family has dealt with for the past year and a word of advice to property owners who are about to put up their properties for rent.

We had a house in Barrie, Ontario and we have been paying our taxes to the city for almost 18 years now.

Our family decided to move out west for work the previous year so we employed a property management company in Barrie to lease our house. Their brochure ensures ‘Peace of Mind’ and the fees included ‘Full service’ however this was nothing close from the truth.

It turned out that the renters in our house had bad credit with a bad record of evictions in Barrie and they were well-known to the police. We learned that the property management company has only called the tenants’ aunt for reference.

After being informed, the company gave us a 30-day notice and we had to deal with it while we’re at the other side of the country. We had to work with the legal procedures to get the renters out from our property.

When we asked ‘Why?’ tenants that have bad credit and history of evictions are tolerated to go through the process, they said ‘It was private and confidential.’

Prior to the day of eviction, the County of Simcoe paid the bill of the tenants in full.

To sum it up, Ontario Works finances people well-known to the police who were not paying a single cent for their rent or pay for any utilities (which we’ve been told it’s on our taxes) and they don’t even trim the grasses.

The tenants are allowed to go through the process and live for free while the property owner is left to deal with the entire legal procedure.

To date our debts and legal fees is at 8,000 and we’re close to financial wreck. Who will pay our bills then? The government offices did not offer any assistance to our family. The city or the local MPs were not interested too.

What’s ironic is that the insurance companies are repealing policies to people living out of the province with rental properties. The government on the other hand is weeping for inadequate housing.

We will never put up our house for rent again even though we might lose our property for this reason. If there are damages on our property will the property management company or the County of Simcoe be held responsible?

What’s going on with the system?

There is a huge mistake when the funds go to those people who live dishonestly year after year and yet they are rewarded for their doings.

Be careful being a landlord in Barrie, Ontario! We learned a very hard (and expensive) lesson.  Never, ever again!

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