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Must See Story From An Ontario Landlord Is a Wake-Up Call For Every Barrie Landlord (and everywhere else too!)

June 17th, 2013 · 6 Comments · Barrie landlord

Must See Story From An Ontario Landlord Is a Wake-Up Call For Every Barrie Landlord (and everywhere else too!)

You want to be a successful landlord. You have a terrific income property and want to have a great relationship with your tenants. This is a common idea here.

Sounds good.

But what if your tenants don’t want to have a great relationship with you?

Most Tenants Are Good, But…

There are some people out there who can abuse the system and end up costing you thousands of dollars.

There’s an amazing story at the Ontario Landlords Association website of a very decent landlord who thought being decent was enough. She learned it wasn’t. The article is called:

An Ontario Landlord Story – “I Guess We Were Naive”

Whether you are a Barrie landlord, Orillia landlord, Owen Sound landlord, Grey County landlord or anywhere else, this story is a wake-up call and shows you what can happen when things go wrong.

1. The Beginning

In the beginning she rented out to one tenant. For eight months things were great. Then, the tenant’s boyfriend moved in.

2. The Conflict Starts

The tenant and her boyfriend became angry at her because they kept having fires on the yard and she cancelled the fire permit. The landlord simply didn’t want to be responsible for fines when the tenants kept having fires during the time of a total fire ban.

3. The Landlord and Tenant Conflict Escalates

Out of revenge, the tenants started piling up all the trash in the yard instead of moving it to the roadside.

The landlord didn’t want to pay those fines either – so when the township by-law officer gave up on dealing with the tenants directly and sent the landlord a letter notifying them that the landlord would be responsible for the cost of having a crew clean it up, the landlord served the tenant with a form N5 telling them to clean it up or risk eviction. 

Makes sense doesn’t it.

The tenant did make an attempt at cleaning, or rather re-organizing the mountains of trash.

Then the boyfriend came home from his job and threw an huge tantrum, not only undoing all of her attempt, but also ripping bags open and scattering dirty diapers from one end of the yard to the other!

4. This Is Just The Beginning

The worst was yet to come…It really is an incredible story and a wake up for all Ontario landlords!

Go read part 1 as soon as you can!

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