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Tenant Arrested Twice In One Night Over Fight With Barrie Landlord

July 12th, 2013 · 10 Comments · Barrie landlord, Landlord legal challenges

Barrie tenant fights landlord

Tenant arrested twice a warning for everyone who currently is a Barrie Landlord or anyone thinking about becoming a Barrie landlord

According to a report in the Barrie Examiner there was a huge dispute between a Barrie landlord and her tenant last week. 

The dispute between a landlord and her tenant resulted in a 48-year-old man being arrested twice early Sunday morning. We’ve already discussed some of the issues Barrie landlords face, but this one was down right scarey for the landlord involved!

According to the Examiner report, police officers were called shortly before 2 in the morning to a property located near the streets of Stanley and Livingston. The police were called because of a reported dispute.

According the police, the tenant lived in the basement rental apartment at the property. He was enraged and was “smashing” his very own belongings!

The landlord of course feared for her safety and called the police. The man was taken into police custody for a period to allow him to become sober.

The Story Continues: Tenant Arrest #2

The man was released at around 7:30 a.m. sobered up.

He returned to his rental basement apartment. Once there is again became enraged when he found the door locked.

He smashed the door open. Then he again threatened the landlord.

The landlord called the police again.

What Were The Charges?

1.    Incident Number 1

For the first incident when the tenant was smashing his own belongings and the landlord feared for her safety the tenant was charged with breaching the peace.

2.    Incident Number 2

For the second incident where the tenant smashed the door and threatened his landlady he was charge the mischief and threatening. He was release with a future court date to attend and conditions included not to return to his landlady’s house.

Don’t Let This Kind of Situation Happen To You!

Every Barrie landlord needs to know how to protect yourself. This comes by owning safe and attractive properties, being service-oriented, and using proper tenant screening techniques to find great tenants.

Where can Barrie landlords network and share information to help each other? To discuss this and other issues go to the free Barrie Landlord Forum

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