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OPP ask vacationers to watch for fake cottage rental scams (Landlords need to take action too!)

August 15th, 2013 · 4 Comments · Cottage rentals, tenant and landlord legal issues

Cottage Rental Scam In Ontario

It’s hard to believe there are only a few more weeks of summer left.

Still these final weeks before school starts and the weather gets chilly are prime time for vacationers to go to the cottage.

Every year people in our area welcome thousands of people who decide to rent a cottage to enjoy time near the beach and the water.

This year cottage renters have something to take notice of besides packing the bathing suits that still fit.

According to the Ontario Landlords Association website Ontario Provincial police are warning renters of a cottage rental scam.

This not only hurts cottage renters, it hurts the reputation of real cottage landlords and may even scare some people away from coming up to our region.

As if landlords don’t have enough rental scams to worry about, now we have to make sure people know we are the real landlord!

The Cottage Rental Scam 

The OPP says a it starts when someone want to rent a cottage. They go online, find one, and pay a deposit (or even the full rent) for it.

Then they drive up north and find the cottage doesn’t even exist. Or the cottage is owned by someone else. It’s a pure nasty scam. 

How Renters Can Protect Themselves?

Cottage renters can protect themselves by making sure to contact the owner before sending any money to rent it.

How Landlords Can Protect Ourselves?

One thing the media often fails to discuss is how issues can affect landlords.

This cottage landlord scam is all over the media, from the CBC to newspapers across Ontario.

It’s the type of news that can stop people who would normally rent cottages to deciding to stay away this summer.

This means lost revenue for good cottage landlords.

The Key Is To Be Pro-Active

Whether your cottage is in Muskoka, Wasaga Beach, Owen Sound, Blue Mountain, Collingwood or anywhere else in the area we advise landlords to make sure you provide a lot of contact information in your rental ad.

Also make sure you also make it clear you are available to chat with a prospective renter so they know you are the ‘real landlord.

Use your knowledge that this scam exists to do everything you can to make sure the potential tenant knows renting from you will be a safe and happy experience.

After all, they just want a nice, safe and happy vacation.

Help them help themselves to achieve this goal.

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