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Barrie Tenants Fight To Stay At Their Park

August 23rd, 2013 · 4 Comments · tenant and landlord legal issues

Barrie Ontario Tenants Eviction Fight

 According to a story on CTV News tenants of a Burton Avenue Trailer park have decided to fight for their right to stay at the park.

This isn’t one of our usual stories about bad landlords or bad tenants. It’s about people who are having a major change in their lives due to having to move.

There are approximately two hundred residents currently residing at the park. They have been informed by the park ownership they are taking steps to re-zone the site to build hundreds of townhouses.

This means they want the current residents out by the summer of 2014.

Park residents state that other parks are full and they don’t have anywhere to move to. In fact, many residents say they have checked around for other local parks but have had no luck.

The Burton Avenue ownership group has offered everyone at the park three thousand dollars to help with moving costs. However, many residents claim it’s not enough money to make a move.

And even moving trailers that have been there for years will be a major challenge and will require money for new insurance.

One trailer owner is Fleur Ottaway. She says she is attempting to sell everything to get ready for the move.

She said her family’s plans to stay at the park until they could move into a larger home have been destroyed. She said it’s even nearly impossible to find a company who is willing to move her trailer to a new location.

On August 14th Councillor Arif Khan and Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman held a meeting to listen to the the residents’ concerns.

Khan assured everyone the city of Barrie would do everything they can to help out. The problem is this situation in a landlord and tenant matter meaning it’s under provincial jurisdiction.

According to Councillor Khan the municipality has no rights because it’s up to the provincial government to deal with the situation. We will continue to follow this story closely.

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