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Tenant Versus Tenant Issues Can Be A Big Problem For Landlords

August 25th, 2013 · 4 Comments · tenant and landlord legal issues

Barrie Tenant Threats Big Problem for Barrie Landlord

We’ve already discussed our fair share of Barrie landlords having major troubles dealing with their tenants.

In case you forgot, take a look at these stories:

Barrie tenant fights his landlord twice in one night

Barrie tenant attacks the landlord with a knife…and a broom!

An Ontario Landlord Story: I Guess We Were Naive

Certainly not pleasant reading if you are a landlord. But it’s reality.

One thing we haven’t really discussed here yet is also a very important problem for landlords.

It’s tenant vs. tenant fighting.

If you own a duplex (or a triplex or anything bigger) you are going to have lots of tenants living in the same building.

This can lead to lots of tenant in-fighting.

While the Toronto tenant activists want to make it sound like all tenants are “united” to fight for their rights while they hold their copies of Das Kapital by Karl Marx and their Little Red Book by Chairman Mao the reality is very different.

Tenants fighting tenants happens a lot and it can be a very traumatic experience for the landlord

Why Does the Landlord Care?

When tenants have issues with other tenants it will inevitably lead the landlord to being involved.

According to the Residential Tenancies Act Ontario Landlords are responsible for creating a safe and nice environment for renters. This is called their “reasonable enjoyment.”

So you will have to get involved and it can get messy.

How Messy?

Let’s take a look at this recent report from

Barrie police went to a split-level home with two apartments inside early Saturday morning.

Officers found a woman from the lower level yelling and screaming at the family renting the upstairs.

Police said the fight started over a man’s behaviour upstairs, and during the woman’s rant, she allegedly threatened to take a knife and cut the heads off the upstairs tenants.

The woman was charged with uttering threats and held for a bail hearing.

How would you deal with this situation?

To discuss this and other issues go to the Ontario Landlord Forum

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