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Aurora Landlord Is A Fake – Newmarket Tenant Scammed

September 1st, 2013 · 3 Comments · Aurora landlords, Newmarket landlords

 Fake Aurora landlord scams Newmarket tenant

According to a news report in The Era, a Newmarket tenant says she was the victim of a rental scam.

Lisa Hind was looking for a new rental apartment after a separation with her husband.

Hind and her two children were finding it hard to find a nice place for a basement suite in the Newmarket – Aurora area.

Her price range was around $600 per month. It was hard to find a suitable place. We know there are a lack of good rentals in our region and people who have a good deal usually don’t want to leave.

She continued her frantic search until she finally found a nice place in nice area of Aurora.

The place was especially attractive because it was listed at a rent of $600/month.

Hind says she emailed the landlord immediately and received a reply. They emailed back and forth and began a business relationship which Hind hoped would lead her and her kids into the apartment.

The landlord explained he wasn’t in Canada to meet her to show her the place. He said is was in Italy after finding a new job.

Because he wasn’t in Canada she would have to trust the pictures he put online.

He was renting at such a low price because he wanted to make sure he could find a good tenant who would take care of the place as if it was their very own home.

It sounded reasonable and the landlord asked Hind to pay first and last months’ rent to an Italian cargo firm. Once the money was received, the firm would mail her the keys.

After sending $1200 the landlord emailed saying the keys and the lease were being held up at the Canadian border and asked Lind to send another $600.

After paying this new fee all communication with the landlord stopped. It was a scam.

Lessons to Be Learned

This type of ‘fake’ landlord scam is taking place all over Ontario and the rest of Canada. The fraudsters are clever and manipulative and can trick even the most careful person.

Pictures of a beautiful apartment at a low rent price make the scam especially appealing.

The second lesson is regarding we need to have more rental housing in Newmarket and Aurora.

The Ontario Residential Tenancies Act and the Landlord and Tenant Board have scared many good landlords out of the rental business. It’s time to make changes to encourage people to invest, to be landlords, and to rent out nice properties at reasonable prices.

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