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Barrie Landlords Tenant Screening – Credit Checks and Criminal Checks

June 11th, 2014 · No Comments · Barrie landlords, Tenant Credit Checks, Tenant Criminal Checks

 Barrie landlords tenant credit check criminal check

Barrie Landlords – With Lots of Positive News Happening, Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants By Running Credit Checks and Criminal Checks As Part Of Your Tenant Screening

More good news is out there for those of us investing in rental properties.

As we’ve written before, Barrie landlords have our rentals in a top investment city.

The Real Estate Investors network ranked Barrie as the third best place to be a landlord in 2014. This is up a spot from last years’ report.

New Plans Coming for Secondary Suites

Also in the news is a meeting held at City Hall in May.

According to the the meeting was about a plan for Barrie homeowners to more easily create secondary suites in their houses.

At the moment, we have pretty strict by-laws restricting secondary suites (aka “basement apartments”) to only zoned areas in Barrie.

The new proposed plan would change this. The entire city would be opened up for the creation of secondary suites.

There was some controversy over the maximum size for the new apartments to be built but progress was made and city staff will take everyone into consideration for an upcoming report.

Rent to Good Tenants

With all the good news and forward thinking going on, it can be easy to lose focus.

Remember, the key to being a successful landlord is to make sure you rent to good tenants.

A story on the Simcoe website about an evicted tenant who lost more than his rental home leads to this sobering reality.

Tenant On Probation Gets Caught

Worried he might cause trouble Barrie landlord called the police for assistance as the tenant the landlord was evicting took his things from the rental property.

The officers found the tenant being evicted had a conviction for sexually assaulting a child.

The tenant was ordered not to use the internet. However, during the eviction he told officers he had used the internet and his computer, game system and his smart-phone were taken.

How Can You Rent To Good Tenants?

They key is good tenant screening.

How Do I Do Good Tenant Screening?

You should also include:

1. Check employment references

2. Call past landlords

3. Conduct credit checks and criminal check

Bad tenants lie all the time

This is why you need to do credit and criminal checks to make sure what the tenants (and their references) say are in fact the truth and not part of a scam to trick you.

Check out Ontario Landlord Credit Check for details on how bad tenants try to trick good landlords.

It’s not just in Ontario these days.

Even BC landlords are doing credit checks on their tenants.

When you think of the most business friendly province you think of Alberta right? But now even Alberta landlords are running credit checks on their renters.

How Can I Do A Tenant Credit Check and Tenant Criminal Check?

You can join the Ontario Landlords Association.

For only a one-time fee you can start running premium tenant credit checks and premium tenant criminal checks for affordable prices.

Barrie landlords – With good news coming in make sure you rent to good tenants with credit checks and criminal checks as part of your tenant screening system!

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