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Barrie Landlords: Avoid Legal Trouble And Bad Tenants in 2016

June 23rd, 2016 · No Comments · Barrie Tenant Screening 2016, Canada Landlords, Latest News, Tenant Credit Checks

Barrie Landlords Avoid Legal Trouble And Bad Tenants in 2016

In 2016 Avoid Landlord Legal Problems and Rent To Good Tenants!

Experienced and successful Barrie landlords know the importance of renting to good tenants. When you find good tenants and rent to them being a landlord becomes a great business experience. This means tenant screening should be your priority.

In fact, is the same for Canadian landlords across the country, if you rent to good tenants you are your way to being successful.

What Is A Good Tenant?

Many new landlords ask what does “good tenant” actually mean? A good tenant is someone who does several things.

First of all, they follow the lease with you have them, and that includes paying the rent on time. They also respect both the property and the owner or property manager who they deal with as part of this mutually beneficial business agreement.

The good news is as the Barrie area grows fast there are lots of good tenants out there. Property prices are taking off in Barrie, Orillia and the entire area which means lots of future home-buyers are deciding to rent before purchasing their own home.

These means if you are a Newmarket landlord, a Barrie landlord or even further north you know there are good tenants out there to rent your rental property.

Be Careful Of Bad Tenants

Unfortunately there also bad tenants out there. Yes, they exist and they are searching for unsuspecting small residential landlords who aren’t careful and don’t screen carefully.

Bad tenants can create lots of expensive legal problems for landlords, and many landlords who do end up renting to bad tenants end up selling their property and stop being landlords. Let’s look at a few recent examples.

1. Barrie Landlord Assaulted By Tenant

The news from CTV Barrie news was shocking for many new landlords but experienced landlords just sighed “we seen it so many times. CTV reported Barrie police where called by a landlord at around 10pm by a landlord who had just been assaulted. He had been the victim of a head-butt by a 22 year old man. The man was charged with assault.

2. Barrie Landlord Assists Police With Tenants With Drugs

A report in the Barrie Examiner was about a landlord in Barrie who called the police to help clean up tenants and their drugs. Police arrived and found tenants with drugs and they were arrested on possession charges and breaches of arrest warrants.

Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants in 2016

These are just a couple of the problems landlords are experiencing. Make sure you rent to good tenants and avoid these landlord legal problems.

Make sure you make running tenant credit checks as part of your screening process in 2016. A credit check on your tenant will show you not only their financial history, but past addresses and a lot more. Be a pro-active and professional landlord and get on the path for success.

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